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Technical customer

As you know, any construction project is the interaction with state authorities, obtaining required initial approvals, ongoing collaboration with supervising the construction of urban organizations, cooperation with designers and contractors. Any expert knows that it often happens that for the Investor it is a real "ordeal". The differences in the goals of participants result in frequent conflicts, thereby beginning to interfere with the normal development of the project.

Team GOROD GROUP knows how to organize and know how to manage construction. In our organization there are employees who have the necessary education and qualifications, skills and knowledge.

The technical customer is the first partner that represents the interests of the Investor, builds project schedule and fulfills it in a timely manner ensuring designers: the required initial data, approvals and consultations; contractors-builders: permits and decorated "in the works" documentation, proper organization and coordination of all participants of the construction process.

Technical customer GOROD GROUP, will perform all of the obligations of the Investor to the participants of the process and its partners (Government organizations, engineers, contractors, etc.) and also carry out the design, coordination and construction of utility and linear transport project, the responsibility for the implementation of which, as a rule, are not included in the General contract.

Functions and services of technical customer GOROD GROUP include, but are not limited to the following:

  • the identification of future options intended for construction, reconstruction of object (area, shape, altitude, orientation) and the production development plan of land plot (gpzu);
  • design, and collection of baseline data, carrying out engineering survey works, preparation of technical specifications for connection of the facility to external city networks, existing transportation routes, the development of the scheme of transport service, etc.;
  • the results of the initial data for development of design and estimate documentation, to develop the necessary infrastructure for construction of the project documentation, its approval in the prescribed manner, obtaining building permits, finding contractors, conclusion of turnkey contracts for the development of documentation and implementation of the whole complex of construction, installation and commissioning, including supply of equipment and materials;
  • receipt, accounting, proper storage held in storage of equipment, goods and materials, transferring them to the assembling;
  • perform all necessary works on the construction site preparation, technical supervision (construction control) over observance of norms and rules in the production of design and construction works, acceptance of completed works and preparation of the site for the transfer operation;
  • ensuring rational and economical use of allocated construction funds, the timely implementation of payments for materials, equipment, work performed etc., taking measures to reduction of terms of construction;
  • organization of work for the final inspection of the constructed facility by the construction supervision authority and registration of the permission to object input in operation;
  • object input in operation;

The cost of services of a technical customer during the implementation of the capital construction objects, is determined by the total cost for design and construction work and ranges from 2 -3 % of the value of PIR (the PIR of Design and survey work) and CAW (CAW - construction and Assembly works).

Main functions and Technical coordinator services for the organization of the construction process remain unchanged, and the detail of obligations with the inclusion of additional, or truncating the amount of duties, is governed by the Investor in the contract.

  • The receipt from the Investor of the available information and analysis of source documentation on the Investment project.
  • Making a list of required source data and authorizations at the stage of pre-project and design works that you want to get to the beginning of the implementation of Investment property (including utilities);
  • Participation in development of the Investor definition / optimization [in the case of adjustments of existing project], including, but not limited to, space planning solutions, facades, constructive solutions, engineering networks and internal engineering systems of the building;
  • The inventory of the engineering research that must be done (including utility networks);
  • The definition of project scope, which is necessary to select Counterparties and enter into the contract.
  • Opredelennosti project
  • Collection and updating of existing baseline data for the design;
  • Participate in the development of the business plan of the Investment project;
  • Develop implementation schedule and the schedule of financing of the Investment project, the approval of these documents from the Investor,
  • Control of deadlines, monitoring project schedule;
  • Organization and control of preparatory work at the construction site and receiving in the prescribed manner the necessary approvals and permits for use of land for the needs of construction, including a statement of compliance deployables established urban planning requirements and regulations;
  • The organization of the order and support of the production development plan of land plot (gpzu);
  • The organization of the study the construction site to confirm the absence of factors hazardous to health of people as well as hindering the further development of the Investment Project;
  • Obtaining in the relevant authorized bodies the necessary approvals, permits, certificates, survey, design and construction;
  • Organization of calculation and participate in determining the required energy capacity Investment (electricity, heat, water, sewer, drainage, gas, etc.), including during the construction period;
  • Ordering and receiving in the relevant authorized bodies of Technical conditions on the removal from the construction site and attaching the Object to the city networks:
  1. Technical specifications  for power supply;
  2. Technical specifications for water supply and Sewerage systems;
  3. Technical specifications to the gas supply
  4. Technical conditions on heating;
  5. Technical specifications to the drain;
  6. Technical specifications  for radio and phone;
  7. Technical conditions on a dedicated communication with the RTP;
  8. Technical conditions on the low voltage device and other networks required for the design and implementation of an Object.
  9. Technical conditions for connection of Object to networks of electricity, water, sewer, etc. during the construction period;
  10. in the presence of the control of terms of validity of issued technical conditions, obtaining (if necessary) in the relevant authorized bodies confirm the validity of all issued technical conditions for electricity, water, sewer vents, heating, radio, telephones, etc.;
  • Ordering, support, monitoring and receiving results of the survey of land construction of Investment Object and also runs engineering communication (engineering-geodetic, engineering-geological, ecological, sanitary-and-epidemiologic – if necessary);
  • Participation in the preparation of technical specifications for a tender on choosing of the General designer;
  • Review of project cost estimate (design) documentation of stage "Project" in accordance with the schedule of the design for compliance with the technical requirements and technical assignment for the design and current legislation, SNiP, GOST;
  • The organization of the order and receive the color passport of the Object;
  • Organization (Public / Commercial )expertise is developed proyektno-budget documentation, including, if necessary, the state non-departmental Gosstroy of Russia, industrial and environmental expertise, and its adoption in accordance with procedures, organization of work on elimination of comments received from expert organizations with the participation of project organizations, at all stages to achieve a positive result (a positive conclusion).
  • Transfer of the agreed project documentation for registration in the State town-planning cadastre;
  • Receiving in the established order permission for construction;
  • When you purchase by the Investor of the investment construction in progress / change of the technical customer during the pre-work Technical coordinator performs the following functions:
  • Audit of existing initial permit, project, working and Executive documentation; recording of amounts of executed works at the beginning of the contract; determination of quality of the executed works and their compliance with the issued in the production of works documentation.
  • The preparations for the implementation of the Project subject to audit
  • If necessary the organization of any change in the existing initial permissive documents of the Investor;
  • If necessary, the preparation and organization of tender for selecting the General designer for the project and design organizations for certain types of project works and conducting pre-contractual work;
  • If necessary, obtaining initial data for design works, including a topographic plan of the land plot to utilities, acts of choice of routes external networks of urban studies;
  • Tendering and implementation of pre-contractual works on the conclusion of contracts between the investor and the organizations performing studies and other necessary work;
  • Organization of the engineering-geodetic, engineering-geological, engineering-hydrometeorological, engineering-ecological, engineering-geotechnical and other necessary surveys and surveys of surrounding buildings on the instructions of the design organization;
  • If necessary, participation in resolving issues by agreement of the Project plan with the owners of the surrounding land;
  • Together with the General designer, General contractor and other participants of the project, development, coordination and submission for approval to the Investor base of detailed calendar plan-schedule of training design documentation.
  • Additional capabilities aimed at the early beginning of the implementation of the suspended project.
  • A software project to organize source data, including technical conditions for connection of the Facility to existing utilities, on the basis of the project organization on the needs of the facility in the amounts of energy, water, Sewerage, etc.
  • Support the development of project documentation for construction of the Facility and utility infrastructure.
  • Organization approval of project documents by the Customer.
  • Organization of development of the dendrological part of the project documentation, preparation of perekatnoe statements, obtaining necessary approvals, obtaining logging the ticket and the permission to transplant trees in accordance with the centreplane.
  • Coordination and monitoring development of project documentation, together with the design organisation holding approvals and further positive findings of the private/state expertise on project documentation and the necessary engineering surveys, control over removing comments and making appropriate changes in the project design.
  • If necessary, the preparation and organization of tender for selecting a General contractor for construction of the Facility, participation in the negotiation of contracts for the General construction contract. Preparation of technical specifications and other necessary appendices to the General contract.
  • Coordination and control of design documentation to the extent that the immediate commencement of work on the construction of the Facility, and its results to the General contractor "in the works".
  • Preparation of documents on behalf of the Customer for permits for construction of the Facility.
  • If necessary, the obtaining of the provisional technical conditions for mechanization of construction of the Facility in accordance with POS.
  • Organization and control of the construction site to the General contractor, the performance of purchaser's obligations to the General contractor in the provision of dots for temporary connection to networks of power, water, etc. in accordance with the terms of the General contract.
  • Organization and control of the General contractor obtain permissions for works on construction of the Object in the prescribed manner.
  • Preparation of proposals on optimization of design solutions, construction technologies for purposes of reducing costs and implementation time of the Project.
  • Maintenance of interaction of the organizations-participants design.
  • Conduct operational workshops with designers.

Validation of the developed working documentation for compliance with the approved project documentation, normative acts, construction norms and rules , applicable legal requirements, the terms of the contract with the General contractor and/or the General designer and the results to the General contractor with the stamp "in the works".

  • In conjunction with the General contractor for the development, coordination and submission for approval to the Customer base of detailed calendar plan-schedule of construction.
  • Control the presence of the General contractor, contractors, suppliers, specialist contractors/consultants, and other project participants existing tolerances, permits, licenses for performance of activities, certificates and other permits to perform work on the Project.
  • Control of the conclusion of the General contractor agreements for use of temporary utilities.
  • Control over development and approval of General contractor for projects of manufacture of works in relevant administrative bodies.
  • Organizing meetings with the General contractor and other project participants to resolve operational issues.
  • Control of volumes of construction and installation works. Consideration of acts of acceptance of work performed (form number KS-2) and inquiries on cost of the executed works and expenses (form number COP-3), the General contractor and, if necessary, submit comments to and control over necessary changes in relevant documents.
  • Control quality, cost and deadlines of construction works ( including external engineering communications) in accordance with the requirements of construction norms and rules, design documentation and conditions of the General contract.
  • Check the documents certifying the quality used in building constructions, products and materials (technical passports, certificates, laboratory test results, etc.), including their completeness, completeness, regulatory compliance, proper maintenance, etc.
  • Control compliance of the General contractor and its subcontractors and suppliers of the rules of warehousing and storage at the construction site of materials, products and equipment.
  • Taking part in the examination and registration of acts of hidden and special works, structural elements, ensuring the requirements on the prohibition of the production of further work to design instruments for examination of the hidden works.
  • Monitoring the timeliness and correctness of General and special logs of work, as well as logs of input control and operational quality control of major construction works.
  • Participation (representation of interests of the Customer) to inspections conducted by the bodies of state supervision and construction supervision, as well as commissions of the Customer.
  • The quality control system of labor protection and safety on the construction site.
  • Pre-contractual work and maintenance of negotiated Customer contracts with 3rd parties;
  • Participate in the development and monitoring of compliance with the General contractor and the General designer of the Project implementation schedule, providing appropriate recommendations for its optimization, organization, actualization and detail of these charts;
  • If necessary, participation in budgeting design and construction of the Facility;
  • Maintaining operational account of the executed and paid works;
  • Formation of monthly reports on the progress of the Project in the form previously agreed with the Customer;
  • Control produce financial costs for compliance with the Project budget.
  • Participation in the process of transfer of the Facility from the General contractor to the Customer. Working together with the Customer list of defects and deficiencies identified during the acceptance of the Object from the General contractor, as well as participation in the organization of work on elimination of deficiencies to the General contractor throughout the duration of the services;
  • Acquisition of a package of documents on construction control required for acceptance of the facility by the acceptance Commission in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Participation together with Customer and contractors in the receipts of the Object, putting the Object into operation, the implementation of the organization's acceptance of the Commission of state construction supervision, obtaining the conclusion about compliance of the constructed Object of the design documentation, construction norms and rules;
  • Monitoring the timely elimination of all defects discovered by the acceptance Committee;
  • Transfer to the Customer, operating organization required Executive documentation, the written undertakings and warranties, guarantees, suppliers, and subcontractors, of the instructions and manuals for operation and maintenance of installed equipment, insurance policies and other documents necessary for the continued operation of the Facility;
  • Participation in the procedure of transfer of the Facility operating organization.

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