Coordination and approval of project documentation

Control of terms and quality of design of stages "Project" and "working documentation"

Each qualified engineer knows that it is not coordinated in the established procedure the project documentation may not be used for construction of the facility.

Without the project, there is no real object! However, a project that has not been agreed and approved in the prescribed manner, is not a document based on which the Developer / Technical customer can obtain a building permit.

Project documentation — a set of documents that reveal the essence of the project and justifying its appropriateness and feasibility in General.

The content and scope of design documentation for individual objects of the construction are determined by the normative documents (including the town planning code of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation Government Resolution №145 of 05.03.2007, the RF Government Decree №87 dated 16.02.2008 g) other instructions for the development of sections of design documentation and cost estimates.
The town-planning code of the Russian Federation establishes the obligation of developing design and estimate documentation for the construction, reconstruction, renovation and even for the repair (if the repair changes the constructive and structural elements, as well as volumetric characteristics and safety of the building) of residential, commercial and industrial properties within the boundaries of the land on which duly the property rights of the investor or the developer.

A set of project-estimate documentation includes both text and graphic part. The completeness and content of project documentation shall be established by Resolution of the RF Government dated 16 February 2008 No. 87 "On composition of design documentation sections and requirements to their content".

Text project materials must contain information about the object construction, a list of the accepted technical decisions, the explanatory note, references to normative-technical documents regulating the preparation of project documentation, and design calculations to substantiate decisions taken.

The graphical part contains drawings that show the adopted design and technical solutions in the form of diagrams, plans and other documents in graphical form.

Graphic material (drawings) reflects the architectural, design-layout and technological solutions. Design-explanatory note contains the information justifying the technical feasibility of construction, reliability and safety in specific circumstances. Estimate-economic part determines the cost of construction, justifies the feasibility of expenses of financial, logistical and human resources.
After the development, the project documentation needs to be agreed upon by the stakeholders.

The procedure of approval of project documentation:
Project documentation is subject to the agreement (preparation of conclusions) authorized bodies in the order established by legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the Moscow city (Moscow).

Approvals are conducted to confirm compliance with the developed project documentation:

  • The design task;
  • Source data;
  • Technical conditions;
  • Opinions issued by bodies of state supervision and control, operational and stakeholders in the development of planning documentation, preparation of initial permit documentation for the facility is located;
  • State rules, regulations and standards;
  • The conclusions of state inspection agencies and other interested organizations;

Coordination of project documentation is a Technical customer.
The list of municipal, state, or other organizations officially authorized to carry out coordination of project documentation stage "Project":

Designer / construction Manager / Technical coordinator

  • The chief architect of the town (district);
  • The prefect of the administrative district or his authorized Deputy prefect;
  • The head of the district Council;
  • GU Goichs of Moscow;
  • Rospotrebnadzor;
  • The Department of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • OPS Mosgorgeotrest
  • Institute "master Plan" of Moscow
  • Mosgortrans;
  • Coordination with the traffic police of district, city, Agency, Rosavtodor, HUGH GBU "highways", RDU, FUAD "TSR", etc. (at the junction of the designed access roads to existing)
  • The operating organization on the technological sections of the project;
  • Operating, network and sales organization, issuing the technical conditions for connection to networks of water supply, gas supply, heat supply, power supply, installation of telephones and installation of radio object, etc.
  • The owners of the land which are designed engineering networks (usually, approved consolidated plan of engineering networks);
  • Command special purpose / Interregional territorial Department of Air Transport Central Regions / senior aviation chief; Without coordination with the senior aviation chief of airdrome it is prohibited to design, construction and development of urban and rural settlements, and construction and reconstruction of industrial objects of capital and individual housing construction and other objects within peertranet site.
  • Geotsentr "Moscow";
  • Other approving organizations;

Examination of project documentation

Project documentation of capital construction objects and results of engineering researches executed for preparation of such design documentation, are subject to examination.

Obtaining a positive expert opinion is a must!

Examination of project documentation and (or) expert examination of engineering survey results conducted in the form of public examination or private examination.

Technical customer or the Builder of your choice directs the project documentation and engineering survey results state examination or non-examination, if in respect of design documentation of capital construction objects and results of engineering surveys performed for preparation of such project documentation is not provided the mandatory state examination.

The examination is not conducted in respect of design documentation of the following capital construction objects:

  • Of objects of individual housing construction;
  • houses with quantity of floors no more than three, sostojashie several blocks, the number of which does not exceed ten, and each designed for one family, has a common wall (common wall) no openings with neighbouring block or adjacent blocks, located on a private land plot and has access to the shared;
  • apartment houses with quantity of floors no more than three, consisting of one or more block sections, the number of which does not exceed four, each of which are several apartments and common areas and each of which has a separate entrance with access to the shared;
  • detached objects of capital construction number of floors not more than two, the overall area is not more than 1500 square meters and which is not intended for habitation and production activity;

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