Time is money

Team GOROD GROUP to organize the construction on time and within specified budget

Control the timing and estimated cost of construction

We know the technology, understand the volume, form time and in their subsequent control!

Control of compliance estimated cost:

Team GOROD GROUP at all stages of design and construction carries out incoming inspection and estimate documentation for completeness, completeness of content, quality, informativeness, and adequacy for the production of works, compliance with the scope of works for the cost estimates previously approved decisions in the project documentation.

Our specialists calculators and engineers of technical supervision regularly monitor:

  • the observance of counterparties (participants of construction) contractual obligations on the basis of acceptance of the performed works provided by contractors as they run;
  • Maintain operational accounting of incomplete construction project: increasing of volumes and costs of accepted and paid for construction and erection works;
  • Verification of procurement documents (items, prices, quantities) of construction companies, suppliers;
  • To prevent unjustified increase in prices and volumes of works;
  • the identification and rejection of unjustified costs;

With a frequency specified by the investor is the organization and implementation of control procedures.

At the same time, for our customers, with the aim of creating a competitive form of selection of commercial proposals for execution of design and contract works, supply of goods, rendering services, or carrying out other works, announced in advance in the tender documents the terms and conditions on our website open tendering site.

Every interested customer can independently use this tool in their competitions, or undertake all tender procedures the tender specialists of our Department.

Our experience in Union with knowledge of the market situation in the field of design and construction will allow the customer to attract efficient contractor with the best commercial terms and will help to avoid mistakes of fraudulent contractors.

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